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Workshop Oct  25 -26  Atlanta, GA
Workshop Nov 17 -18  New York, New York
Special Weekend Workshop Dec 29-30 Dallas, Texas
Join Lizzy Morris & Introduce Continual Improvement Into Your Organisation
You could be one step away from changing the way your organisation functions 
(Like Unlocking The Right Transformation Within Your Organisation, But Maybe You’re Just Not 100% Sure What You Need To Do)
Dear Business Owner
I’m sure you are someone who spends a lot of time looking for ways to stay innovative in your market. 

Because the truth is if you don’t stay innovative, you will be overtaken by the competition. 

This is what makes Scrum@Scale so impressive, it’s a mindset that you change in order to see the result of transformation throughout your organisation. 
What is 
Scrum@Scale is the brainchild of Jeff Sutherland, the world-renowned co-creator of Scrum.

Over the years, he’s been testing and inspecting this in large organizations around the world in order to gather data and institute a framework that answers the question of “How do I transform my organization?” 

This idea of transformation is not simply a process.  
It’s way more than that… 

...It’s a mindset.  

And if it is embraced properly and wholeheartedly, it can result in causing people to do really great Scrum from the boardroom to the janitor closet. 
Right Now, You’re Probably Asking 
From the very beginning, SCRUM has been a framework which enables continuous change and improvements. 

It is the concept of giving companies the power to do twice as much with less… 

...which means… 

...It enables the bottom line to be slashed (which is great for stock prices too) 

Therefore, SCRUM@SCALE is scrum at an exponential infinity where the only thing limiting you, is your own vision.  

So no matter where you want your journey to take you, there will always be a need for a vehicle as well as organizational change and performance efficiency. 

Simply, you are always going to want your organisational framework to improve so that the overall wellbeing of your business is taken care of.  
is your decision point for success.
Here’s what you’ll learn during the SCRUM@SCALE Training Workshop:
  •  How the C-suite play a major role in driving Transformation
  •  The keys things that have to be in place for continual improvement to be a reality
  •  Where you need to begin you agile transformation from
  •  What governing leadership needs to be doing on an everyday basis
  •  What business agility is for your organization
Meet Your Trainer,
Lizzy Morris
Amongst her most recent accolades, Lizzy has become the first African American female in the world to qualify as a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) within the globally recognized Scrum Alliance, certification body. Added to being the first African American SaST (Certified Scrum@ Scale Trainer). As a trainer, Lizzy ensures she uses techniques to keep you engaged and awake "no sleeping in my workshops"

As a Management Consultant, Lizzy has over 20 years’ in-depth experience in software development, project management and strategic consulting. This experience has netted her unique ability to provide you with the right tools and techniques tailored to the needs of your organization.   
As a Life Coach, Lizzy helps women transform their lives by teaching them to embrace change mindfully; one thought at a time to ensure they get results. She works with ambitious women who desire to understand how to achieve their dreams and goals while facing everyday challenges in their family, relationships, work, and spiritual lives. Lizzy is passionate about trailblazing change because she wants every person especially woman to know "change is your ace, not your nemesis". She likes to say she helps men “Embrace their whole self so their ambition and the leadership come from an authentic place of self acceptance”
Co-Creator of Scrum and Creator of Scrum@Scale Jeff Sutherland endorses Lizzy as a choice Scrum@Scale trainer
Co-Creator of Scrum and Creator of Scrum@Scale Jeff Sutherland endorses Lizzy as a choice Scrum@Scale trainer
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Scrum@Scale Training Is Hosted At Beardedeagle Dallas Headquarters

Book your spot today and get the chance to: 
  •  Make it a team building trip with your team;
  •  Take part in a 2-day Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner course that is designed to remind participants how Scrum was designed to be implemented;
  •  Learn how to rehearse the patterns necessary for great scrums so that you scale with success
Save $695 when you get your early bird ticket for just $1500

For groups of 8 or more, you only pay $1097 per person because we want you to begin to realize value before you walk through the door. 
Hear what others who’ve 
taken scrum have to say
I came in as a complete novice to scrum but i left feeling very confident about it. I am excited to take this knowledhe back to my company

-Micheal Alexander
Lizzy has a lot of passion and enthusism and she makes the class very fun and hands-on

-Chris Bowerbank
The classes were engaging and extremly helpful. It furthered my scrum education. I would not hesitate to receomment Lizzy to anyone.

- Ruby Kuo-Sun
Lizzy was extremly professional and an incredible amount of knowledge about agile/scrum/product ownder. The initimate setting of 4 students gave me the opportunity to ask all of my questions

-Ryan Wein
The Marlin Company
Workshops Not For You?
We Offer Private Training & Coaching Too!
We can come into your organization and provide on the spot training and coaching around scaling or scrum to help you get the most out of our visit. 

Talk to us today to tailor make a package that suits your organization's needs and objectives.  
Frequently AskED Questions
Can Anyone Attend This Workshop
If you are already practicing Scrum this workshop is perfect for you it will help get huge lightbulb moments about how Scrum should implemented on a day to basis
Do I need a laptop 
You will need a laptop the second day so that you can take your test which is open book, but we ask that you do not use it until then so that you can manage your presence. We want you to be here all that time.
What is the dress code
Come casually dressed comfortably in layers as the temperature of the room will be set to the instructors comfort
Is there support after the class
Attendees will be given access to a private BeardedEagle alumni facebook group and  they will receive access to private slack Scrum@Scale practitioner slack channel cancel
Do you offer discounts
Yes, we offer group discounts because our training intention is to make Scrum and Agile training accessible to everyone..  We have preferred rates for BeardedEagle alumni, along with employees from our clients teams. If you are going through tough times, find yourself unemployed, or your a student contact the BeardedEagle office directly at  
the Transformational Framework you and your company have been waiting for
Workshop Oct  25 -26  Atlanta, GA
Workshop Nov 17 -18  New York, New York
Special Weekend Workshop Dec 29-30 Dallas, Texas
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