Are You Ready to Dominate in Your Field?
You've come a long way in life, but you want more! 

This 6-week intensive program will help you discover your strengths and experience the breakthroughs you have been desiring to achieve.

The BeardedEagle Mentorship course offers interactive, personalized strategies that will give you tools and strategies to reveal your full potential.

You will have 24 hr access to downloadable material at your fingertips.
Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?
  • Every job you apply for seems unattainable because you lack an Agile mindset 
  • ​You are passed over for promotions because of your lack of confidence
  • ​ Your teams are showing signs of frustration
  • ​Your lack of initiative is holding you back from excelling
  • ​Your voice is not being heard in the workplace
  • ​You have a vision but you lack the drive to pursue it
Be The Most Valuable Asset In Your Agile Organization
BeardedEagle Mentorship gives you the depth without the battle scars.  You will have a mentor that has done the time in the trenches and taken those battle hits for you. This helps them provide you with context that you can immediately put to use. 
That alone is worth millions!
  • Your Mentor will provide you with two private Mentorship sessions to help you plot your plan. This is worth over $3,000 dollars!
  • ​Weekly private Mentorship calls that you can bring your trench questions, too. 
  • ​A FREE seat in an Advanced Scrum Master Workshop worth $3997.00 
  • ​Your  Mentor will unravel complex ideas and give you "ah-ah" moments like never before. 
  • ​This Mentorship program meets you where you are, and takes you where you want to be.
What makes BeardedEagle Mentorship different?
You get the relentless energy of highly motivated mentors who are ready to share their wealth of knowledge with you.
Your Mentor answers the questions 
the books don't! 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What happens after I sign up as a BeardedEagle mentee?
You will receive an email with all the information you need and a link to our exclusive mentorship portal. Don't panic. Everything you need is already prepared, just simply go through the process and follow the instructions sent to you. 
Q: How does the BeardedEagle Mentorship program differ from other mentoring programs 
The BeardedEagle Mentorship focuses on helping mentees discover the barriers and limitations that slow them down.  Your mentor will help you unblock those barriers and live the life you have always wanted. 
Q: Will I have a one-on-one meeting personally with my mentor?
You will have one-on-one meetings with your mentor virtually.  Your sessions will be customized to fit your needs,  with a flexible schedule you help to create.  You will find more information about the schedule and process in the mentorship agreement contract.
What will you get from the 
BeardedEagle ROLE Mentorship Program
  • Priceless one-on-one sessions
  • ​Access to support materials 
  • ​Shared license to use BeardedEagle materials with your teams (Terms & conditions apply)
  • ​Guidance to get you started and clear your paths forward
  • ​Access to our exclusive alumni BeardedEagle Facebook group
  • ​Fabulous alumni BeardedEagle support system
  • ​Lifetime access to digital workbooks, worksheets, and valuable bonuses materials related to your role.
You could be the next BeardedEagle success story.

start Your Transformation  Today!
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